Video CV’s

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Why rely only on using traditional CV’s when you can use a video to greatly improve your chances of finding employment. A video can give the employer a greater understanding of your personality, experience and skills; something you can’t always judge from a standard CV.

Filming a Video CV can be quick and simple and will really help you to stand out from other candidates. It is like giving a virtual interview every time a recruiter views your CV. Broadcasting your CV video gives you more opportunities to be viewed by many recruiters. It simulates giving a virtual interview every time to an interested recruiter.

Your Video CV is available here 24/7, worldwide.

Our technology is FREE to all candidates and we hope that together we can create a better candidate experience and raise the likelihood of a better hire, saving you the candidate time and the company time and money.

Get Placed are able to give our client’s a much deeper perspective on a candidate, in less time, than has ever been possible before.

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